In 2006, Grant’s was the fourth largest global blended whisky brand selling over four million cases annually, and operating in a highly competitive market. Whilst supported by an active marketing campaign, the brand suffered from lack of direction and it lacked a distinctive and motivating personality of its own.

The brief to LFH was to transform the brand into a credible ‘Scotch whisky brand’ with a distinctive, relevant and compelling personality, making it an active choice for consumers. Says Executive Director, Mark Gandy, “Our response was to establish a distinctive and compelling personality that enabled Grant’s to attract new consumers in exciting growth markets without alienating existing consumers in mature markets such as the UK and France. Crucially, the new design had to increase quality perceptions as well as to create clear differentiation to support the price variance across the range whilst establishing a recognisable Grant’s family feel for the first time.”









Launched in March 2007, by 2010 the brand range had achieved a +16% increase in sales, whilst the global market only managed a 2% increase in the same period. Global market share had increased by 0.68% to 5.84%. In June 2011, Grant’s took to the podium of standard Scotch whiskies, becoming the world’s number three in retail value.

Over the last five years, Grant’s has grown ahead of the category, achieving in 2010 worldwide sales of 4.8 million cases and retail value over $1bn (GBP £646 million) for the first time. This represented more than a 30% increase in retail value compared to base year, 2006. (All figures IWSR 2010)










“We are delighted by LFH’s design for the Grant’s brand. The new packaging was the catalyst—and the key driver for change—and I can confidently say that it has played a central role in delivering success. The new packaging designs played a huge part in achieving our podium position,” said Kate Athanasi, Grant’s Global Brand Director, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd.