The Power 100 is an annual research study monitoring the power of the world’s leading spirits and wine brands. Now in its sixth year, The Power 100 has become an industry benchmark of performance, recognising brands which have performed well and identifying those which haven’t. The unique brand ratings highlight each brand’s strengths and weaknesses – providing exclusive insight into what drives the world’s most powerful spirits and wine brands.


The panel of drinks experts has over 200 year’s combined experience in the global drinks industry. They have been involved with all of the major drinks companies and held positions of responsibility in virtually every market. Between them they hold detailed financial and marketing knowledge of every brand covered in this report, and many more besides. Nearly 10,000 brands were looked at in the compilation of this research, across all markets, in every territory.



The king continues to fall. The worlds largest spirits brand and the biggest vodka by over double the size of its nearest competitor continued its decline this year, with its total score down 5% on top of a 3% decline the previous year. Smirnoff’s 1% volume decline and 4% value decline is symptomatic of its ‘middle of the road’ positioning that is being threatened from above – from the likes of Absolut up 6% in volume – and from below – from the likes of Svedka, up nearly 20%. Its brand reputation is suffering as a result, scoring 2% lower this year.


Bacardi regains its No.2 spot in this year’s The Power 100, following an impressive performance on all fronts. Its total score moved up 5% and its brand score up 2%. Bacardi enjoys a privileged position by being not only the favoured child in the Bacardi Martini family but also being almost synonymous with the rum market in general. This makes Bacardi a back bar staple and versatile cocktail ingredient helping build its position in the off-trade too.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker’s tenure as the second most powerful spirits brand in the world was short-lived at only one year. This year it returns to its No.3 position despite an impressive performance with volumes growing by a striking 11%, due in large part to its penetration of Far East markets, Korea and China in particular, whose economies were less affected by the recession. This is a complete reversal of its performance the previous year where volumes fell by 11%. Because of this change in direction and improvement in the brand score by 4%, Johnnie Walker managed to grow its total score and may yet challenge Bacardi again next year.

Martini Vermouth

Martini Vermouth maintains its position in this year’s The Power 100 with no movement in its brand score and a modest 2% increase in its total score. The iconic brand, dating back over 140 years, upholds its relevance with initiatives such as the launch of Martini Gold by Dolce& Gabbana – a collaboration with the famous Italian design duo and an advertising campaign featuring Italian actress Monica Bellucci.


As predicted in last year’s report, Absolut has returned to form under Pernod Ricard ownership, following acquisition the previous year. Absolut has returned to growth and its brand score increased by 2% helping it move up two places, ahead of Jack Daniel’s and Hennessy. With Smirnoff’s position in decline, Absolut is a real contender for the vodka top spot with its volumes over three times that of nearest competitor Grey Goose. Although with volumes half Smirnoff’s size it has some way to go yet.

Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s continued at a steady pace this year with a volume increase of 1% and brand score increase of 2% leading to a total score up a modest 1%. With the US being the major market for Jack Daniel’s and this being rather subdued because of economic challenges, Jack Daniel’s was unable to experience the sorts of growth witnessed by other brands with a greater geographical spread, particularly in the Far East. Never-the-less, the brand enjoyed a good year and is in a good position for this to be repeated next year.


With solid volume growth of 10% combined with a brand score up 6%, Hennessy had a good year. The brand continues to gain traction with contemporary audiences and build its premium credentials under the stewardship of LVMH. The range of half a dozen product variants creates a ladder for the consumer climb, allowing them to remain with the brand as they grow in age and affluence. As the economy returns to normal premium spirits brands are likely to return to vogue which Hennessy is well positioned to capitalise on.

Chivas Regal

Chival Regal had an impressive year with net sales up 5% and volumes up 1%. China is now Chivas Regal’s largest market which, alongside other Asian markets, has helped propel the brand forward. The distinctive ‘Live with Chivalry’ advertising campaign seen throughout the world has helped build the brand’s profile and leadership in the Ultra-Premium Scotch whisky category. Its brand score improved by 5% which contributed to an overall total score increase of 2%.

Captain Morgan

Whilst half the size of category leader Bacardi, Captain Morgan is still a dominant force in rum. Increased marketing spend supporting the ‘Calling All Captains’ campaign, ‘Captain and Cola’ initiative and the launch of Captain Morgan Lime Bite helped boost Captain Morgan’s brand score by 4% this year. This, combined with a steady volume increase of 3% helped its overall score move upwards by the same amount.


A strong position in the increasingly affluent and economically protected Asian markets such as China and Korea saw Ballantine’s increase both its volume and value by 4% in the past year. The brand has also been supported by marketing initiatives such as sponsorships of prestigious golf tournaments, special edition bottles and the brand was relaunched to critical acclaim resulting in a strong performance in the important Duty Free market.




PepsiCo is launching the first new advertising campaign for its flagship Pepsi-Cola in three years. The company paid less attention to its biggest brand after it slipped to No. 3 in U.S. soda sales last year, trailing not only Coke but Diet Coke.

This summer brings a new wave to the brand’s life and results in a bit provocative TV-ad campaign where Coca-Cola’s Santa hangs out on a beach with a can of Pepsi, telling a barman he’s on vacation. The strapline is ‘Summer time is Pepsi time’.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the cola war traces its roots to the 19 century. When industry market share numbers came out in March, showing Pepsi-Cola sank to No. 3, analysts didn’t hesitate to accuse PepsiCo’s Chairman and Chief Executive Indra Nooyi of taking her eyes off the company’s main brand.

Now, PepsiCo is going to spend about 30% more this year on TV advertising for its North American beverages, with a big focus on cola. In addition to the summer ad campaign, Pepsi will be involved into Simon Cowell’s ‘X Factor’’ resulting in a $60 million sponsorship deal starting this fall. The company also recently launched new TV ads for Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max.

Mrs. Nooyi who was criticized by market analysts for excessive concentration on company’s  ‘healthy’ brand acknowledged that she may have spent a disproportionate amount of time talking about healthier products, but said it’s part of a ‘deliberate strategy’ to diversify the portfolio. Consumers increasingly want healthier foods and beverages, she said, and PepsiCo has to satisfy critics about health concerns.


Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s have launched the Hand-Breaded Chicken Fillet Sandwich, a new menu item that is battered and breaded by-hand.

This new addition fits in with the trend to make fast-food more upscale and appeal to a wider consumer base. Brad Haley, chief marketing officer for Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s said, “If you notice a pattern here, it’s because we have been trying to raise the food-quality levels in the fast food industry for a number of years now, and one of the main ways we do that at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s is by making food the old-fashioned way… So, the Hand-Breaded Chicken Fillet Sandwich is certain to be a craveable new menu item in that fine tradition.”

Although it’s a bit of a stretch to equate hand-breading with making food the old-fashioned way, at least the new sandwich isn’t pre-made. And hand-breaded doesn’t mean healthy or high-quality. See the nutrition facts and ingredient list below for reference.

To emphasize the hand-made factor, the fast food company has created TV spots centered around the idea of “If Machines Can’t Eat It, Machines Shouldn’t Make It!” The commercials feature a robot unsuccessfully trying to eat the chicken sandwich. But, the robot doesn’t have a mouth, so he gets very sad and angry.

The TV spots are clever, but it is worth remembering that just because a robot isn’t making your food, it doesn’t mean that everything humans make is exactly fit for consumption either.

Watch the ad campaign below.



China’s food safety authorities launched a nationwide campaign on Thursday to  enhance supervision over the quality of liquor produced by distilleries in order to “safeguard consumers’ health and safety.”

Relevant departments should  “improve application procedures for liquor production permits, enhance inspections and strictly regulate the circulation of unblended liquor,” the executive office of a food safety commission under the State Council, or China’s  cabinet, said in a circular.

Special inspections should be conducted for liquor-processing companies, the circular said.

Market inspections should be strengthened to clamp down on unlicensed businesses and supervision over  trade fairs, exhibitions and expos should be stepped up, it said.

It also called for enhanced management for catering business that buy liquor from outside sources or that brew their own liquors.

Liquor smuggling should be “severely cracked down on” by supervising the import and export of liquor, the circular said.

Companies that commit serious violations should have their business operations shut down and be added to an industry blacklist, the circular said.

Techniques to differentiate and detect counterfeit liquor should be promoted, it said, adding that relevant national standards and
manufacturing regulations should be created at an early date.

A tracing and accountability mechanism for liquor quality should also be established, the circular said.

The circular said that authorities will “severely punish” liquor counterfeiters and unlicensed producers, and will investigate the sources of raw materials used in the production of counterfeit liquor.

Industry policies should be further improved to grant responsibilities to companies, guilds and supervisors in order to boost the quality of China’s liquor products, the circular said.

Source: Xinhua

Luminous is one of the most beautiful words in the world.

Dom Pérignon has long been known worldwide as one of the most coveted species of vintage Champagne.

The brand has released its 2002 Vintage champagne across the globe in limited edition luminous light saber like lime green label bottles, with the principal celebrations held at No. 1 Mayfair in London, and sister parties at Spice Market in Melbourne and Le Noir in Singapore and tonight, the 24th of June at Bar Rouge in Shanghai.

The timeless Dom Pérignon bottle has been launched with a modern twist, created to light up at the touch of a button and remain illuminated for up to nine hours. Incredible!

Its waterproof feature also ensures that the bottle remains chilled whilst glowing vividly in the dark.  I never thought I would use a champagne bottle to help find my lost iPhone or purse in the dark.

We wonder if founder Dom Pérignon, a Benedictine monk would be aglow at the sight of his creation glowing across premium venues internationally?

“Dom Pérignon 2002 is a magnetic, still-elusive wine that fully reveals the dual nature of Dom Pérignon,”– said Richard Geoffroy, Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave.

Dom Pérignon story is a world of legends, anecdotes & creative collaborations.

Dom Pérignon has always been a large and good visibility particularly with their cooperation with designer, artist like…


Dom Pérignon asked the Design Laboratory at Central Saint Martin School of art and design to reinterpret its timeless bottle in commemoration of Andy Warhol. A unique set of three bottles, red, blue and yellow, paying homage to the artist’s adventures in colour.


To his name are the Dom Pérignon limited-edition magnum container and the Dom Pérignon Black Box.


To his name is Dom Pérignon Vintage Rosé glasses, decadently stainted with lipstick, are as wickedly suggestive as all her works. Madame de Pompadour would certainly have appreciated these sensual, delicately libertine traces.


While Karl was shooting the campaign for Oenothèque Vintage 1993, he recreated the bol-sein using the Dom Pérignon model Claudia Schiffer as his inspiration. Thus was born the Dom Pérignon Oenothhèque bol-sein.


The Dom Pérignon Rosé gift box tells a story. “Lo” is marked on the first glass, “Ve” on the second.

As a conclusion “Champagne is the only wine that makes women beautiful after drinking” said Madame de Pompadour

Caroline D.


After its International Campaign Moet & Chandon Champagne has unveiled its new campaign without Scarlett Johansson, who has been the brand’s celebrity ambassador since March 2009.

In a release, Moët & Chandon President & CEO Daniel Lalonde said, “Moët & Chandon, the most loved champagne since 1743, is a universal symbol of joie de vivre and success. The international campaign highlights a return to the immutable elegance and glamour that are inherent to both Moët and Scarlett.”

Moët & Chandon or Moët is a French winery and co-owner of the luxury goods company Moët-Hennessy. Louis Vuitton. Moët et Chandon is one of the world’s largest champagne producers and a prominent champagne house.

For the January 2011 Moët & Chandon Ad Campaign, British photographer Tim Walker photographed Johansson at Trianon built by Jean-Rémy Moet in Epernay, North East of Paris last Fall.

Scarlett poses on a wooden staircase, surrounded by towers of champagne glasses and clutching a magnum of Champagne, while wearing a gorgeous sky blue ballgown which alluringly reveals a bit of the sex symbol’s thigh and leg.

( Like you may have found, the visual is the same in both campaigns, but in the newest Scarlett has been substituted by the bottle of Champagne).

Scarlett puts that famous pucker to use, pouting seductively in bright red lipstick.

All the amazing photos in the International Ad Campaign, meant to express the sensuality and beauty of the actress.

Scarlett Johansson is the reflection of the rich patrimony and savoir-faire of Moët & Chandon.

But in new ad campaign the British photographer Tim Walker still reflects the glamorous touch and uniqueness of this champagne even though she is not on the ad.


Caroline D.


Reminder :

Bombay Sapphire is a brand of gin distributed by Bacardi thas was lunch in 1987. Its name originates from the gin’s popularity in India in of the days of the British Raj and the Sapphire in question is the Star of Bombay on display at the Smithsonian Institution Bombay Sapphire is marketed in a flat-sided, sapphire-colored bottle that bears a picture of Queen Victoria on the label.

The flavoring of the drink comes from a recipe of ten ingredients: almond, lemon peel, liquorices, juniper berries, angelica, coriander, cassia, cubed, and grains of paradise.

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE- Imagination Installation

The making of

It is very easy to get caught up in the magical and dreamlike Bombay Sapphire universe.

It is not necessary to be a gin lover to love Bombay Sapphire brand. It is possible to love a product because you like the brand image; you are transported in another world, in a different universe… It is what it is for Bombay sapphire… it’s a particular brand.

They inaugurated its ‘Infused with Imagination’ campaign by paying tribute to the heritage and the origins of its product. And there is no better and intelligent way to launch a new and ambitious global campaign than to incorporate art in order to engage the viewers.

 A magical specially commissioned artwork, designed by London based illustrator Yehrin Tong.

Imagination Installation is a vast three dimensional piece meticulously crafted using more than 75,000 sparking crystals that took more than 2,500 hours to put together. Consisted by a series of illustrated panels, which have been hands crafted based on Tong’s original designs, the piece reveals its true beauty only when seen from the correct position.

The bottle stands as the source of imagination where all the different characters on the illustrated panels come to life. The shimmering of the crystals conveys an unparallel beauty to each one of the characters. When seen from different angles, the piece reveals a new imaginative story and becomes a glorious hymn to the Bombay Sapphire’s story.  The characters, which are part of the installation, represent the different aspects of the story that the brand wishes to convey. The lion and panther convey pride, luxury and sensuality. The peacock stands for exuberance, elegance and the exotic whereas the phoenix represents the idea of imagination encourages rebirth, new ideas and innovation.

And now…

Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series searching new talents.

Russell & Danny Simmons’ Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation and Complex Media joined forces to continue the last year initiative called Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series that took place last year as well.

Last year there were nearly 2,000 artist entries and over 175,000 fans from across the country voting to select their favorite works. This year the next wave of artists have all chances to become famous.

Artists who are up to the challenge can enter by creating a piece of inspired, original art and submitting it via www.Complex.com/SapphireArt, www.juxtapoz.com, www.curatedmag.comwww.deviantart.com, www.Facebook.com/BombaySapphire by August 31, 2011.

During this time fans can go to the Bombay Sapphire Facebook page and vote for their favorite piece of art.

Very interesting in terms of viral marketing, word of mouth and to touch influencers. Bombay Sapphire have 44 829 likes on facebook and 5 219 followers on twitter and these figures are increasing day by day.

“The Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series has established itself as a platform for emerging artists who seek to shape our contemporary cultural landscape—artists who look to defy boundaries with the power of their imagination,” says Russell  immons, Chairman of GlobalGrind.com and co-founder of the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.

In 2010, Washington, D.C. photographer Stanley Squirewell and Miami artist Jorge Cavelier were announced as the first
ever winners of the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series and could exhibit their works at Art Basel in Miami, recognized as one of the world’s premiere art events.

This year select artists to display their work at a sequence of gallery exhibits and events, taking place from September through November in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Two artists will be chosen from each local event to compete in the finale during Art Basel Miami. Compiling its own collection of works to display at the Miami finale will be the next step of the Bombay Sapphire brand.

The submitted works will be reviewed by the program’s esteemed panel of judges, including Rush Philanthropic Vice Chairman, C -Founder and artist Danny Simmons, program curator Andre Guichard and other guest curators and museum heads from around the country, including famed Miami-based artist Miguel Paredes.

After Art Basel two winners will have their work installed at Rush Arts Gallery and Resource Center in New York City’s Chelsea arts district for the month of February 2012.

There is other activities will include creation of a signature Bombay Sapphire cocktail to be photographed by BevShots and featured with its final images at Art Basel; as well as production of a limited edition gift bags and tins highlighting the works of national Artisan Series winners, Danny Simmons and program curator Andre Guichard.

Caroline D.


For half a century, Bollinger has been paying tribute to the best that the Champagne region and the passage of time have to offer, by crafting its prestige cuvee, Bolinger R.D.

On 8th july, the House of Bollinger will host a unique tasting event at a venue that as not yet be revealed, to celebrate the vintages that produced this prestigious cuvee.

For the occasion, a small number of guests will be invited to share a rare experience. For the first time ever, Bollinger will be opening the doors to its universe, and only five seats reserved to non professionals, yet wine lovers.

It is through ads posted from today in 10 international newspapers that readers, all over the world and through a contest, will have a chance to win their prize. Hidden in the ad, a QR code in the colors of the brand will direct participants on the website dedicated to the event.

You have until June 21st to tell your very own “LIFE CAN BE PERFECT” story, either true or imagined.

All stories will be subject to approval by the Bollinger Jury, that will announce names of five winners via its website on June 27th, 2011.

Caroline D.



I always like to enjoy some brunch on Saturday or Sunday and the good news is that Shanghai provide lots of different places and style for such moment.

This Saturday I tried Mr Pancake House a restaurant located in Jing’an  877 Wuding Lu Shanghai, China (武定路877).

Mr Pancake is inspired by the stereotypical American diner, this venue offer a family atmosphere with only ten tables and comfortable banquette seating. They have a decent selection of coffee drinks and serve Breakfast until 3pm.

Because of the small size is true that I had to wait nearly 30 minutes before getting a free table, but it was worth to wait and after that the service is quit fast. Mr Pancake provides a delicious range of sets for breakfast and lunch, and the best surprise was the price which is really affordable…

I chose the set with 2 eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and pancakes, which was really amazing and for only 45 rmb including tea or coffee. It was my first time to eat some pancakes for brunch and it was a very good and interesting experience, I will definitely go again for the food and the ambience !!!

I think my best memory is when I spilt on the pancakes a little jar of maple syrup…that was really indecent !



Taking pretext of one of SKIN’s clients media appointment, media manager Mandy paid a little visit to Saleya’s owner Alexandre Daune…

Le petit Saleya on Tai’An Lu is the little sister of le Saleya on Changlu lu.

The spirit is the same for both of them. Alexandre Daune and Olivier Balenda serve classic French dishes at moderate prices in a homey Provencal setting that recaptures the ambiance and character of Southern French. It feels like a place you would find in holidays.

The bistro décor of earthy tones, bright sunny colors, complete with an antique zinc bar, casual yet elegant offers favorite French dishes and inexpensive wine list. Food and drinks may also be enjoyed.

Saleya serves lunch and dinner every night of the week, offering time-honored specialties such as Beef Tartar, Farmer’s Chicken, Homemade pasta, bistro Steak and French Fries. You also come to Saleya for its wine selection.

Mandy have tested the homemade tomato pasta and assisted at Olivier’s interview by 6 channels, the famous Chinese food website!

As she said the owner is very cool, passionate, generous and he makes people very relax and happy.

Lastly a little gossip… Mandy was lucky enough to be showed Alex hidden tattoos!

139 Tai’an Lu, near Huashan Lu
泰安路139号, 近华山路
Tel: 6281-4891

Open Tuesday-Sunday
11:30-14:30 // 18:30-22:30

Visit Saleya Facebook page:

Caroline D.