Hennessy now has black ‘crossed’ eyes thanks to one of the most eccentric and unconventional artist, KAWS, who also belongs to the roster of most celebrated talents in the design industry in our days. The signature element—the two little crosses representing eyes—have been already featured on a number of bottles, apparel and merchandize by brands including Dos Equis and Nike to name but a few.

Hennessy is a brand that not only prides itself on presenting the world with a quality variant, but also on creating out-of-the-box partnerships that heighten our consumer’s experience. We look forward to the feedback from not only from Hennessy loyalists but also KAWS eclectic fan base about this exciting partnership,” said Rodney Williams, SVP of Business for Hennessy.

The bottle will feature not only the iconic ‘X X’ (they will be placed on the seal below the neck) and white teeth (they are on the cap), but also a vibrant abstract imagery in blue, red and green colours. This is the first creative partnership of the brand this year—last year, Hennessy launched the ‘Blending of Art’ project, inviting visual artists to create unique label designs for the bottle. In the edition, each of the KAWS Hennessy V.S bottles in 750ml sizes is individually numbered and goes with the artist’s signature—they will go on sale in September in the U.S. at $29.99 and later in July it will be unveiled at the private launch party to be held in NYC.

“I admire the Hennessy brand and from the start, felt strongly about working on this project. Hennessy invited me to Cognac where I was able to experience and gain a full understanding of the steps and processes behind Hennessy’s craftsmanship, which in turn, inspired the artwork I created for the bottle,” commented the artist. The brand and KAWS has also created a number of short videos to be launched during the year—the release dates are still kept under wraps, but the first teaser is already available online at www.myhennessy.us.

Source : Popsop.com