G&J Greenall’s London Dry Gin is celebrating its 250th anniversary with a new look and repositioning strategy courtesy of brand and design consultancy, Dragon Rouge.

According to Marcus Hewitt, Chief Creative Director, Dragon Rouge, “The objective was to create a new visual identity and package design to increase shelf impact, build awareness and appeal to a new generation of gin drinkers.” The studio started by defining the brand essence as, ‘The Great British Spirit,’ which directly references the brand’s origins and traditions and then focused on creating a new visual identity that combines tradition and heritage, but with a modern twist.

A bold and clean logo replaces the old script one and rests prominently on a contemporary dark green square label. ‘The Great British Spirit since 1761’ at the bottom of the front panel, reassures customers of its tradition. A proprietary green abstract ‘Union Jack’ on the inside back label acknowledges the brand’s heritage, but provides the edgy new look and feel.

“While we are pioneers in the industry, we always want to move forward with the times,” says Christina Brown, Marketing Director at G&J Greenalls. “The new packaging from Dragon Rouge speaks to a new generation of gin drinkers, but also respects our strong heritage. It’s exciting to celebrate our 250th anniversary with this new launch.”

“While we took influences and inspiration from the past, we were able to bring the brand into the future, making it more relevant to today’s consumer,” adds Hewitt.