Inspired by 500 years of vodka making expertise, Absolut has spent the last decade inventing a new vodka. Crafted from hand-selected estate wheat, and blended with soft and naturally filtered water, Absolut Elyx is a true expression of quality. It is a small-batch vodka, produced according to craft techniques, in an authentic 1929 copper rectification still.

The result: a handcrafted super premium vodka with an elegant, silky texture. “Aroma and flavor are the obvious and most immediately striking characteristics of vodka. Absolut Elyx goes beyond that. It has a clean and fresh taste with subtle floral and fruity tones, but its most defining quality lies in the texture. Not detectable by the nose or taste buds, texture determines how the vodka feels in your mouth. Absolut Elyx is elegant and incredibly soft, and leaves you with a silky feeling in your mouth,” says Krister Asplund, master distiller at The Absolut Company. To create Absolut Elyx, Krister Asplund sourced the finest wheat and water, put a 1929 rectification still back into use, and refined copper catalyzation. These four factors—100% Hand-selected Estate Wheat, Pristine Water Filtrated by Nature, Perfected with Copper Catalyzation, and Authentic Craftsmanship—are equally important in the production, and they are outlined in the Absolut Elyx manifesto, which guarantees long-term quality and an everlasting commitment to perfection.

“The color is transparent and brilliant. The nose is plentiful and intense with a lot of character; it displays subtle hints of vanilla and lemon and has a floral touch. The palate is pure and invigorating with a silky, unctuous texture—creamy, subtle and persistent with a fine balance, and a long-lasting finish with a subtle spiciness. Absolut Elyx is a finely tuned vodka with character and elegance”, says Andreas Larsson, Sommelier World Champion 2007, and one of the world’s most renowned sommeliers.

ABSOLUT Elyx is now launched in the global duty free/travel retail market. With its new long-awaited super-premium vodka ABSOLUT ELYX, the brand has explored the depths of its heritage: five centuries of vodka-making tradition in the rich farmlands of Skåne in southern Sweden. The ABSOLUT ELYX launch is backed by a powerful 360-degree marketing campaign in all available media, targeting a global audience of advanced and sophisticated urban trendsetters, opinion leaders and early adopters. “ABSOLUT ELYX is a product built on taking utter purity and simplicity to its most extreme perfection and elegance,” says Anders Olsson, Director of The Absolut Company Global Travel Retail. ”It’s a product that builds on the essence of our Swedish heritage in a very contemporary and international fashion. It’s really the ultimate base for a wide ranging, new generation of luxury drinks and cocktails such as vodkatinis, or simply mixed with champagne. The very best way to enjoy it, however, is perhaps to drink it pure over a single, slowly melting ice cube.”

The most immediate and striking impression of ABSOLUT ELYX is its crystal clear character and fresh, clean taste with subtle fruity and floral tones. However, its most distinguishing and defining quality perhaps lies in its texture and tactility—how the vodka feels in your mouth. ABSOLUT ELYX is incredibly soft and smooth. It leaves an elegant, silky sensation which is a signature of ABSOLUT ELYX. The ABSOLUT ELYX is being premiered exclusively in Sydney, São Paulo-Guarulhos, Rio de Janeiro-Galeão and Frankfurt International Airport in July. The launch will then be rolled out in the global duty free/travel retail market throughout the summer and fall of 2011. “We have long been looking forward to presenting ABSOLUT ELYX to our discerning and advanced target group of global travellers,” says Anders Olsson. “We are convinced that our customers will enjoy and appreciate the elegance and sophistication of this super premium vodka to the fullest extent.”

The ABSOLUT ELYX launch is being executed worldwide by Pernod Ricard Travel Retail