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A Coca-Cola and McDonald’s promotion for drinks at McDonald’s restaurants.

Regular Cola was advertised to people using the stairs ! and Coke light to those who chose the escalator !



I always like to enjoy some brunch on Saturday or Sunday and the good news is that Shanghai provide lots of different places and style for such moment.

This Saturday I tried Mr Pancake House a restaurant located in Jing’an  877 Wuding Lu Shanghai, China (武定路877).

Mr Pancake is inspired by the stereotypical American diner, this venue offer a family atmosphere with only ten tables and comfortable banquette seating. They have a decent selection of coffee drinks and serve Breakfast until 3pm.

Because of the small size is true that I had to wait nearly 30 minutes before getting a free table, but it was worth to wait and after that the service is quit fast. Mr Pancake provides a delicious range of sets for breakfast and lunch, and the best surprise was the price which is really affordable…

I chose the set with 2 eggs, bacon, fried potatoes and pancakes, which was really amazing and for only 45 rmb including tea or coffee. It was my first time to eat some pancakes for brunch and it was a very good and interesting experience, I will definitely go again for the food and the ambience !!!

I think my best memory is when I spilt on the pancakes a little jar of maple syrup…that was really indecent !



Taking pretext of one of SKIN’s clients media appointment, media manager Mandy paid a little visit to Saleya’s owner Alexandre Daune…

Le petit Saleya on Tai’An Lu is the little sister of le Saleya on Changlu lu.

The spirit is the same for both of them. Alexandre Daune and Olivier Balenda serve classic French dishes at moderate prices in a homey Provencal setting that recaptures the ambiance and character of Southern French. It feels like a place you would find in holidays.

The bistro décor of earthy tones, bright sunny colors, complete with an antique zinc bar, casual yet elegant offers favorite French dishes and inexpensive wine list. Food and drinks may also be enjoyed.

Saleya serves lunch and dinner every night of the week, offering time-honored specialties such as Beef Tartar, Farmer’s Chicken, Homemade pasta, bistro Steak and French Fries. You also come to Saleya for its wine selection.

Mandy have tested the homemade tomato pasta and assisted at Olivier’s interview by 6 channels, the famous Chinese food website!

As she said the owner is very cool, passionate, generous and he makes people very relax and happy.

Lastly a little gossip… Mandy was lucky enough to be showed Alex hidden tattoos!

139 Tai’an Lu, near Huashan Lu
泰安路139号, 近华山路
Tel: 6281-4891

Open Tuesday-Sunday
11:30-14:30 // 18:30-22:30

Visit Saleya Facebook page:

Caroline D.