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Jose Cuervo revealed new packaging for its best selling line of tequilas, Jose Cuervo Especial Gold and Especial Silver. Demonstrating its 10 generation-strong company and family motto of ancestry, prestige and tradition, the design changes reinforce the company history with an authentic new look.










Jose Cuervo New Gold Bottle

With distinct new features, the bottle professes originality with sleek, hard lines. The labeling, equipped with a new neck design, distinguished watermark and belly band, characterizes Jose Cuervo’s long standing tradition. The history inscribed on the back label pays homage to the commitment of preserving craftsmanship, rich Mexican heritage and family tradition that stretches back over two hundred years. Other notable changes are the embossing of the Jose Cuervo signature prominently displayed on the side profile and bold cap colors – deep red for Especial Gold and royal blue for Especial Silver.

“There is history in every sip of Jose Cuervo Especial and the new design demonstrates appreciation of our ancestry,” said Roy Danis, Managing Director, Jose Cuervo International. “While the packaging has undergone change, the tequila inside remains exactly the same and we hope our consumers continue to enjoy it responsibly.”










Jose Cuervo New Silver Bottle

Jose Cuervo Especial Gold is made from a special blend of reposado (rested) and other fine Tequilas. Its smooth, distinct flavor is perfect for shots and sets the ‘gold standard’ for margaritas. Jose Cuervo Especial Silver is bottled immediately post-distillation and is noted for its exceptionally smooth, distinct flavor.

The new packaging will now be available nationwide wherever Jose Cuervo Especial is sold (grocery, liquor, club and drug stores) in 50mL, 200mL, 375mL, 750mL, 1L and 1.75L sizes. Suggested retail price for Especial Gold and Silver is approximately $17.99 per 750ml bottle. Please enjoy Jose Cuervo Especial responsibly.










Jose Cuervo Old Gold Bottle










Jose Cuervo Old Silver Bottle


G&J Greenall’s London Dry Gin is celebrating its 250th anniversary with a new look and repositioning strategy courtesy of brand and design consultancy, Dragon Rouge.

According to Marcus Hewitt, Chief Creative Director, Dragon Rouge, “The objective was to create a new visual identity and package design to increase shelf impact, build awareness and appeal to a new generation of gin drinkers.” The studio started by defining the brand essence as, ‘The Great British Spirit,’ which directly references the brand’s origins and traditions and then focused on creating a new visual identity that combines tradition and heritage, but with a modern twist.

A bold and clean logo replaces the old script one and rests prominently on a contemporary dark green square label. ‘The Great British Spirit since 1761’ at the bottom of the front panel, reassures customers of its tradition. A proprietary green abstract ‘Union Jack’ on the inside back label acknowledges the brand’s heritage, but provides the edgy new look and feel.

“While we are pioneers in the industry, we always want to move forward with the times,” says Christina Brown, Marketing Director at G&J Greenalls. “The new packaging from Dragon Rouge speaks to a new generation of gin drinkers, but also respects our strong heritage. It’s exciting to celebrate our 250th anniversary with this new launch.”

“While we took influences and inspiration from the past, we were able to bring the brand into the future, making it more relevant to today’s consumer,” adds Hewitt.

In 2006, Grant’s was the fourth largest global blended whisky brand selling over four million cases annually, and operating in a highly competitive market. Whilst supported by an active marketing campaign, the brand suffered from lack of direction and it lacked a distinctive and motivating personality of its own.

The brief to LFH was to transform the brand into a credible ‘Scotch whisky brand’ with a distinctive, relevant and compelling personality, making it an active choice for consumers. Says Executive Director, Mark Gandy, “Our response was to establish a distinctive and compelling personality that enabled Grant’s to attract new consumers in exciting growth markets without alienating existing consumers in mature markets such as the UK and France. Crucially, the new design had to increase quality perceptions as well as to create clear differentiation to support the price variance across the range whilst establishing a recognisable Grant’s family feel for the first time.”









Launched in March 2007, by 2010 the brand range had achieved a +16% increase in sales, whilst the global market only managed a 2% increase in the same period. Global market share had increased by 0.68% to 5.84%. In June 2011, Grant’s took to the podium of standard Scotch whiskies, becoming the world’s number three in retail value.

Over the last five years, Grant’s has grown ahead of the category, achieving in 2010 worldwide sales of 4.8 million cases and retail value over $1bn (GBP £646 million) for the first time. This represented more than a 30% increase in retail value compared to base year, 2006. (All figures IWSR 2010)










“We are delighted by LFH’s design for the Grant’s brand. The new packaging was the catalyst—and the key driver for change—and I can confidently say that it has played a central role in delivering success. The new packaging designs played a huge part in achieving our podium position,” said Kate Athanasi, Grant’s Global Brand Director, William Grant & Sons Distillers Ltd.








The Power 100 is an annual research study monitoring the power of the world’s leading spirits and wine brands. Now in its sixth year, The Power 100 has become an industry benchmark of performance, recognising brands which have performed well and identifying those which haven’t. The unique brand ratings highlight each brand’s strengths and weaknesses – providing exclusive insight into what drives the world’s most powerful spirits and wine brands.


The panel of drinks experts has over 200 year’s combined experience in the global drinks industry. They have been involved with all of the major drinks companies and held positions of responsibility in virtually every market. Between them they hold detailed financial and marketing knowledge of every brand covered in this report, and many more besides. Nearly 10,000 brands were looked at in the compilation of this research, across all markets, in every territory.



The king continues to fall. The worlds largest spirits brand and the biggest vodka by over double the size of its nearest competitor continued its decline this year, with its total score down 5% on top of a 3% decline the previous year. Smirnoff’s 1% volume decline and 4% value decline is symptomatic of its ‘middle of the road’ positioning that is being threatened from above – from the likes of Absolut up 6% in volume – and from below – from the likes of Svedka, up nearly 20%. Its brand reputation is suffering as a result, scoring 2% lower this year.


Bacardi regains its No.2 spot in this year’s The Power 100, following an impressive performance on all fronts. Its total score moved up 5% and its brand score up 2%. Bacardi enjoys a privileged position by being not only the favoured child in the Bacardi Martini family but also being almost synonymous with the rum market in general. This makes Bacardi a back bar staple and versatile cocktail ingredient helping build its position in the off-trade too.

Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker’s tenure as the second most powerful spirits brand in the world was short-lived at only one year. This year it returns to its No.3 position despite an impressive performance with volumes growing by a striking 11%, due in large part to its penetration of Far East markets, Korea and China in particular, whose economies were less affected by the recession. This is a complete reversal of its performance the previous year where volumes fell by 11%. Because of this change in direction and improvement in the brand score by 4%, Johnnie Walker managed to grow its total score and may yet challenge Bacardi again next year.

Martini Vermouth

Martini Vermouth maintains its position in this year’s The Power 100 with no movement in its brand score and a modest 2% increase in its total score. The iconic brand, dating back over 140 years, upholds its relevance with initiatives such as the launch of Martini Gold by Dolce& Gabbana – a collaboration with the famous Italian design duo and an advertising campaign featuring Italian actress Monica Bellucci.


As predicted in last year’s report, Absolut has returned to form under Pernod Ricard ownership, following acquisition the previous year. Absolut has returned to growth and its brand score increased by 2% helping it move up two places, ahead of Jack Daniel’s and Hennessy. With Smirnoff’s position in decline, Absolut is a real contender for the vodka top spot with its volumes over three times that of nearest competitor Grey Goose. Although with volumes half Smirnoff’s size it has some way to go yet.

Jack Daniel’s

Jack Daniel’s continued at a steady pace this year with a volume increase of 1% and brand score increase of 2% leading to a total score up a modest 1%. With the US being the major market for Jack Daniel’s and this being rather subdued because of economic challenges, Jack Daniel’s was unable to experience the sorts of growth witnessed by other brands with a greater geographical spread, particularly in the Far East. Never-the-less, the brand enjoyed a good year and is in a good position for this to be repeated next year.


With solid volume growth of 10% combined with a brand score up 6%, Hennessy had a good year. The brand continues to gain traction with contemporary audiences and build its premium credentials under the stewardship of LVMH. The range of half a dozen product variants creates a ladder for the consumer climb, allowing them to remain with the brand as they grow in age and affluence. As the economy returns to normal premium spirits brands are likely to return to vogue which Hennessy is well positioned to capitalise on.

Chivas Regal

Chival Regal had an impressive year with net sales up 5% and volumes up 1%. China is now Chivas Regal’s largest market which, alongside other Asian markets, has helped propel the brand forward. The distinctive ‘Live with Chivalry’ advertising campaign seen throughout the world has helped build the brand’s profile and leadership in the Ultra-Premium Scotch whisky category. Its brand score improved by 5% which contributed to an overall total score increase of 2%.

Captain Morgan

Whilst half the size of category leader Bacardi, Captain Morgan is still a dominant force in rum. Increased marketing spend supporting the ‘Calling All Captains’ campaign, ‘Captain and Cola’ initiative and the launch of Captain Morgan Lime Bite helped boost Captain Morgan’s brand score by 4% this year. This, combined with a steady volume increase of 3% helped its overall score move upwards by the same amount.


A strong position in the increasingly affluent and economically protected Asian markets such as China and Korea saw Ballantine’s increase both its volume and value by 4% in the past year. The brand has also been supported by marketing initiatives such as sponsorships of prestigious golf tournaments, special edition bottles and the brand was relaunched to critical acclaim resulting in a strong performance in the important Duty Free market.