Bruno-Eugène Borie, has enlisted the talents of Jade Jagger, the very « trendy » creator to redesign the packaging (logo, label, capsule) of its prestige cuvee « Croix de Beaucaillou ».

With this new packaging, Bruno-Eugène Borie puts the finishing touch to the ambitious repositioning of this great reserve which he initiated in 2005, and which emerges from a selection of a specific terroir (ecosystem) of Ducru-Beaucaillou situated at the very heart of the Saint- Julien appellation.

This new luxurious set with its baroque byzantine accents will be generalized starting with the 2010 vintage that will be offered this year as futures’, for delivery at the end of year 2012. It will as early as the end of the year 2011 festivities adorn a limited series of the 2009 production.

The official international launch happened at a party in Bordeaux during Vinexpo in the presence of the artist, on the occasion of the Fête de la Musique of course….

Jade Jagger’s creative bias has made her sign on a resolutely contemporary note the qualitative efforts deployed for that wine, while at the same time allowing her to disclose the prestigious history of Ducru-Beaucaillou and of its successive owners who have enhanced the estate, stone after stone (“caillou après caillou”), over generations.

Thus, the golden and luminous decor against a deep black background reflects the elegant magnificence of the Second Empire in the course of which Ducru- Beaucaillou, which had been founded a century earlier, gained its first credibility and glory through the 1855 Classification. As to the finely chiseled acanthus leaves that intertwine around the silhouetted Château, they are reminiscent of the motifs on Byzantine crosses, a tribute to Princess Marie Caradja of Constantinople, who at the end of the 19th Century redesigned the entire Château together with her husband Nathaniel Johnston, adding to its structure Victorian towers and wings and creating a sumptuous park furnished with rare and exotic species and to which it owes its present appearance.

This luxuriant vegetation on the label with its lascivious curves and flowery boughs recall the rich bouquet and generous aromas of Croix de Beaucaillou. It evokes the rapturous gustatory complexity of that great wine, its sensuality, as well as its stunning persistency.

Here is revealed Jade Jagger’s taste for jewellery, for wrought materials she adorns with a baroque elegance by shaping them to perfection. A jeweller’s job that recalls that of Bruno-Eugène Borie who, with his Medoc teams masters and mixes with talent and enthusiasm, modern as well as traditional techniques, which enable him to indefinitely refine the expression of the terroir by conjugating felicitous ethics and voluptuous aestheticism.

Through this novel and unique meeting in the world of Bordeaux wines, Bruno-Eugène Borie proclaims, with his characteristic outspokenness, his will to relentlessly pursue his quest for excellence and modernity.

This ultimate touch on the renewed identity of Croix de Beaucaillou is equally an expression of Bruno-Eugène’s confirmed passion for contemporary art witnessed by some of the works of his private collection that are displayed in the cellars for the pleasure of the visitors and the employees of Ducru-Beaucaillou! Perpetually in quest of aesthetic and voluptuous emotions, Bruno-Eugène Borie claims the hedonistic philosophy which inspires him at Ducru-Beaucaillou. He declares he is thrilled to note that the distinction and the generous sensuality of this new packaging so closely echo those of his wine. He is convinced that beyond wine, the originality and the preciousness of this novel look will share the necessarily epicurean pleasure of ordering a Croix de Beaucaillou in one’s favourite restaurant, present it at one’s table or simply offer it to friends… and this is so much the better for such was the brief given by Bruno-Eugène to Jade on their first meeting… over a glass of Croix de Beaucaillou 2005 !